I realise the word “Working” comes before “Holiday” when we’re talking about Working Holiday visas, but I tend to do things a little backwards sometimes.

I won’t go into all the details about the anxiety this New Zealand trip gave (and is still giving!) me just yet, but when my longtime friend and self-proclaimed manager 🙂  decided to join me for my first two weeks here, it gave me a sense of relief I so desperately needed.

So two weeks later, with more than 25 hours spent traveling by bus, one international and one domestic plane ride, more gelato consumed than was strictly necessary, all the gawking at sheep and llamas (we were raised in the city, ok?), laughter throughout the trip, and finally ending with tears at the airport, WE DID IT.

And what an experience it was. Fifteen-year-old me would have never believed this trip would happen – but it did, and I’m grateful for the time spent here together.

As scared as I am for the next few months (oh the rational and irrational fears of dying, being mugged, being homeless, being lonely etc), traveling in twos gave me the little confidence booster I needed to carry on carrying on.

New Zealand Working Holiday Program for Malaysians
Our very first day
hintergrund weihnachten//hintergrund weihnachten klein//hintergrund weihnachten foto//hintergrund weihnachten stoff//hintergrund weihnachten fotostudio
Creeper shot at Fiordland National Park


New Zealand Working Holiday Program for Malaysians

Love you Jo, thanks for coming along on this mini adventure with me.

x Khristy

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