I got back in March, and there was a lot to unpack (both literally and metaphorically). I was determined to write as much as possible, no matter how much I cringed at the content I was producing. The struggle is real, you guys.

pen and journal

I’ve loved going through my photos from New Zealand – each shot has it’s own memory associated with it, and it’s been really interesting to get to reminisce a little. My photography itself could definitely use a lot of work, but hey. Work in progress.

I’m excited to have a couple of posts up on Dame Traveler – the first is a photo essay of the South Island, which is still my favourite out of the two. I’ve collaborated with Chris once again to put together a little diary of some of my favourite places, and you’ll find it linked here: Navigating New Zealand: A South Island Photo Diary.

The second piece is one that I’ve been mulling over for quite awhile. I’ve spoken a few times about the various people I’ve met throughout my travels, and there are specific instances and memories that are especially important to me, whether it’s because it was a teachable moment, or because of how special it was for whatever reason.

Once upon a time, I met a guy at a hostel in Queenstown and he reminded me of a pretty important life lesson that I’d forgotten – and of course, I mention me tripping over things AND snacking in the story, because let’s be honest. What kind of story would that be if I didn’t do either of those? You’ll find that story on the Dame Traveler site, linked here.

I’m not quite sure what exactly I’m doing with my life at the moment (then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been sure, and.. yes, I saw your epic eye-roll at how dramatic that was). Days have turned to weeks and now it’s been over three months since I’ve been back.

I thought I’d be inspired to write when I was away, but that didn’t happen, and now that I’m back I struggle to remember what I was inspired by, and I end up daydreaming about other places. There’s a part of me that knows it’s time to not live in the future or the past, but there are things about the present (the adulting part, specifically) that make me want to avoid it for as long as possible.


Until I sort all that out.. I guess I’m going to work on creating. Whether that’s through an online scribbles that make little to no sense, or photographs that are more likely to be out of focus than anything else.*Repeats that to self in a feeble attempt to get motivated* 

Ummmmm…. go team?

x Khristy

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