Once upon a time in a land far far away
(It’s true, NZ, people have to fly a long way to play)
There was a funny little building in the centre of Queenstown
Where a bunch travelers met and are now lifelong-friend bound

There was a girl who I’d spoken to and hugged many a time
And after a month, she repeated her name and asked me for mine (😂)
Over the weeks we’d curl up in each other’s bed to talk and eat (🍕)
And she was my rock, and partner-in-crime when it came to sweet treats

And then there was a duo who sounded like me
We became fast friends and bonded over tea
Connected by a journal for the next five years
The other, through laughter and shared conversations over beers

I can’t forget one of the smartest people I know
And the memes we’d tag each other in when our spirits were low
We laughed and joked about the wonders of meat (🙃)
And being roommates made hostel life even more sweet (as)

There was a ray of sunshine that arrived the same week
Beautiful, caring, and all around unique
With killer slackline skills that put the rest of us to shame
One of my favourite people, in the end she became

And then there were the three I remembered from months ago
Behind a desk, two had their fair share of ammo to throw
You’d go to Mr Christmas when you needed a hug, while the other is thoughtful with an adventurous soul
I spent hours babbling to the third and he decreed “the-broken-60-year-old-table” my new role

Gotta mention my favourite roommates
They called us “marras” and we needed someone to translate
Early bird room so the lights were out by ten at night
But hours before were spent laughing at impromptu pizza songs in delight

And along the way there were so many other ones
If this wasn’t too long already I’d write about all and add terrible puns
The girl I met on the grass and bonded with over bagels and garlic bread
Whenever we were together we were always in the sun and well fed (😊)

Clark Kent and the other Frenchman who always had killer beats
And mama red who made the camping group complete
The beauty with the Chinese lanterns and Dobby the house elf no. two
And the people I sat with in the kitchen while listening to someone play the didgeridoo

The guy we dragged out on my birthday who kept our spirits high
And the guy my parting words to were “please don’t die” (🙈)
The gentle giant who offered me an egg
The mischievous duo who left this guy’s passport photo in my bed
The girls who thought “gondlala” was a thing
I never knew what the next set of roommates would bring
Some were there for a season
And some were there for a reason
Also, did I mention that I’m good at abrupt, awkward endings?

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