It’s pretty surreal to see iconic landmarks, famous delicacies and etc onscreen and online, and get actually get to experience it for yourself.

I hadn’t thought of it until I came across some old photos from the first few months of college, and it made me smile because this, in particular, has sort of come full circle. I’m talking about s’mores. YES, that campfire treat, which may not exactly be groundbreaking in any way, but is still pretty amazing in it’s own right.

My old roommate (and one of my favorite people ever) introduced me to this, and I’m pretty sure I burned my first marshmallow right off the coat hanger. I still remember that whole day well, and as “ordinary” as it may seem, it’s a fond memory for me.


Way back in 2010!
Way back in 2010!

Fast forward a couple years, and I was putting together some volunteer kits (for the nonprofit I work at), when I came across these “s’more” packages, and absolutely loved the idea. I ended up making a bunch of these, and some curious people who had never seen or heard of a s’more learned what it is.

Smore 3

It’s the little things that count, right? The things that still make you smile when you think about it a few years later?

And let’s be honest, who can resist gooey marshmallow and chocolate?



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