I know this is such a tourist-y thing of me to say, but I really do love going to D.C (does the fact that I WAS, in fact, a tourist, help at all?)

I remember D.C as one of the first places I got to visit outside of the college area. A frustration I had with the college I went to, or more specifically, the location, was that it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Now, there were times I appreciated this — but it did mean that students had to get creative to find entertainment.

Getting to “escape” college grounds was something I looked forward to, and D.C, you did not disappoint. Now, in movies, tv shows etc, when they name-drop or feature American states and cities.. It’s mostly New York, L.A, Chicago, and Washington D.C. So actually setting foot there made everything a tad more real — this is ACTUALLY happening, I really am miles away from home, and in this strange yet strangely amazing place I never thought I’d see in person. Does anyone else feel this way when you travel? How I wish I could bottle up that tingly sense of wonder, excitement, and awe — feelings I’ve been trying to chase down with every subsequent mini adventure.

There are so many things I enjoyed there — there was no shortage of things to see and learn, and if you adore museums as much as I do, you will walk around with a silly, goofy grin on your face (all the while pretending to have everything under control). I got to roam around the museums with my friend and her “friendship family,*” and they shared so many historical fun facts which made the trip all the more fun.

DC 2

DC 3

DC 6

Between the historical landmarks and other attractions, gorgeous cherry blossoms (depending which time of the year you visit), architecture (I find buildings fascinating, they give you a sense of familiarity or unfamiliarity,, adding to the overall experience), food, culture (albeit more of a tourist-y culture there!), D.C really is a pretty special place to visit, where it’s exciting enough to keep you intrigued, but not too overwhelming where you feel out-of-place.

DC 4

DC 5


*Think of “friendship families” as something like a host family for international students. I had an amazing friendship family as well.. In fact, before I graduated, I went back to D.C with them!



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