New Zealand Working Holiday Program for Malaysians

If you’re interested in getting a working holiday visa (which, as the name suggests, allows you to work while you’re on a somewhat extended holiday in said country), there are lots of really helpful sites detailing the application process and what to do (look here or here)

This post is not one of those.

Rather, this is a look at what really happened when the online applications opened earlier this year (bearing in mind that it began at 5am).

  1. Go to bed at 12am, but sleep for approximately one hour before the urge to pace up and down your bedroom floor completely takes over
  2. Make it to 4:40am, finally allow yourself to log in the online portal
  3. Have a small (but contained) meltdown when the website doesn’t load at all…
  4. … which turns into a full blown panic when the clock strikes 5
  5. Creep on other people on social media to discover that you’re not alone – the entire website has crashed
  6. After another hour of trying to refresh the webpage, debate if you should throw in the towel and go to bed
  7. (Just kidding, you’re too stubborn to do that)
  8. Refresh, refresh, refresh
  9. Actually make it to the home page, a sight which shocks you more than if you hadn’t made it there at all
  10. Frantically enter all necessary information (and hope that you didn’t pick this moment to misspell your own name as you have no time to check *there are only 1,150 slots available!)
  11. Get to the final page, hit “enter” and wonder what in the world just happened


Ok, all sarcasm aside.. That’s basically where I’ll be heading to for the next few months.

Am I excited? Sure. Am I ready? Not quite. Am I terrified? Heck yes. 

To be continued


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