I was at a job interview awhile ago, and the interviewer asked me to describe my New Zealand job and travel experience, so I used all the variations of the word “great” before ending with “… humbling.”

And it’s true. Before I left, my mom asked me if I was going to bring “proper working attire” because she was under the impression that I would be working a “proper” job (however that term is defined by Asian parents). Just in case you’re curious, I didn’t end up bringing any, mainly because Google told me that I would most probably be fruit picking or working in the hospitality industry.

When I actually got to New Zealand, I realised just how useless my CV was. In a country with so many backpackers fighting over the same jobs, your academic qualifications don’t necessarily put you ahead of the pack. We’re all also competing over jobs that we wouldn’t think about applying for in our home countries, which was a real reality check for me.

Picton New Zealand Working Holiday
Picton, the unexpected surprise

I was pretty fortunate during my time there, and ended up with jobs I really enjoyed (and one of them involved shamelessly showing up repeatedly until my boss agreed to hire me).

New Zealand working holiday visa Malaysian
I didn’t even eat a lot of sushi before New Zealand

And you know what? I know people who would probably cringe at the idea of me working at a hostel and being a waitress, but I had a really good experience overall.. and job-wise, it’s the most stress-free I’ve been for a long time (what does it all mean? Time to ponder the significance of that).

Forever grateful to have had this opportunity. Still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, but.. I suppose I’ll figure it out along the way (maybe? hopefully?)

New Zealand working holiday visa au pair
That au pair life with my favourite 8-year-old 🙂


x Khristy

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