I spoke to someone I hadn’t heard from in awhile, which led to a trip down memory lane. When I left the USA for good, I packed everything I could into a suitcase and donated the rest.. and of course, I brought back just about every letter, note, card etc I had saved from my time there.

Is it strange to “categorise” your life according to trips you’ve made? That’s kind of how I view life. There’s “pre-college,” “college,” “weird transition period,” “best friend getting married trip,” “work year,” and “return to cheeseland Wisconsin.”

I had boxes of things from different trips, which comes in handy when you tend to be forgetful, and you just need a reminder every once in awhile about the things you’ve done, places you’ve been, hurdles you’ve jumped over by some miracle, and the people you adore.

This time, though, as I’m preparing for another trip (there WILL be another box after this!), the things in my memory boxes have reminded me of how kind and generous people can be, how amazing it is to be amazed at new sights and sounds, and how important friends are.

New Zealand, I hope my time there will leave me with equally precious memories.

perruque blonde

Memories 1

The $20 I will never spend – another post for another time!

*This post was written right before I left for New Zealand, but never posted.. because let’s be real, I should have been packing but was busy looking at these things instead

x Khristy

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