The only constant is change. That’s a phrase that’s both thought-provoking, and gives you the urge to poke the person who said it to you.

It’s true, though. Whether we realise it or not, change is inevitable. That doesn’t mean we can’t try to delay it – our bubbles are cozy and comfortable places, thank you very much. I’ve rambled on about change and comfort zones here, so I won’t go into too much of that here. Rather, I want to briefly talk about what’s happening now.

I’ve been in my bubble for the longest time, and even I couldn’t stop the frustration from gradually seeping in. I find myself constantly wondering what there is to look forward to, where I’m headed to in life, what my goals are.


How do people “find themselves,” anyway? While I still haven’t quite figured it out, I know for sure that THIS, being static where I am, is not the route to go. I’m looking forward to some different things happening in 2016.. Things that involve some travel, new experiences and new adventures. While I’m still trying to work out the mechanics of it all, I’m anticipating a season of change. That, I have to admit, is terrifying.

The thing is, it’s terrifying, but absolutely necessary. I may look back on this in the months to come and curse myself. But hey, you never try you know know right? *Sweats profusely*

More of this to come… But in the meantime. Somebody help me.


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