When someone mentions New Zealand farm animals, or even just New Zealand itself, chances are one of the first things that come to mind are sheep.

I’ve gotten to see plenty of em throughout my time here (and they’re not exactly the brightest of animals necessarily), but if there are any animals of my farm-bucket-list (let’s pretend that’s a thing, ok?) I would put alpacas and llamas up there. Both, because I really could not tell you what the difference is.

So this time round, I was pretty determined to see some.. and yes, I know people travel to New Zealand usually wanting to see a famous landmark, or go jet-boating etc etc, but.. ALPACAS are where it’s at. Humor me for a minute, would ya?

Went to Lavender Hill, and unfortunately just missed lavender season but got to see these dorks instead. Let’s allow the photos to speak for themselves.

This dork
Walk, walk fashion baby

Family photo

Not dead, just tired.

Ok, so the person in that last photo is.. admittedly not me, but still just about accurately sums up this entire experience.

That’s one off the bucket list.

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