I’ve never enjoyed the cold. To me, winter is associated with people slipping on ice, crutches, being constantly sick and just generally doom and gloom hidden under a blanket of snow. (I mean, yes, there’s Christmas! And warm and fuzzy clothing! And general holiday festiveness! But also doom and gloom).

Ok, maybe it’s to do with the fact that “home” for me only comes in two seasons – hot, or hot and rainy, so being “chilled to the bone” never really made sense until I encountered winter in Pennsylvania.

Here we have that one time in a faraway land in the middle of nowhere.

I also seem to have a terrible habit of returning to places in the dead of winter. One of these days I’ll learn to enjoy it all.

(Maybe. I’m not that optimistic, but perhaps I’ll be singing a different tune very soon?)

I leave you with this, because how could I not?

Oh hey, is that a rather accurate portrayal of me, in less than two months down the road? Hmmmmmmm 🙂

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