Every New Zealand adventure begins and ends with some sort of walking track (or so it seems, anyway).

One of the most popular scenic walks has to be the Hooker Valley track, a relatively flat walk (and if you’ve been to New Zealand, you KNOW how rare this is) with scenes such as the one below greeting you at every turn.

New Zealand adventure

I first read about it here and promptly added it to my list of places to visit before I left New Zealand (for the first time anyway – I’m currently typing this while half frozen in New Zealand again) and I’m pretty excited to be heading back there again during this trip.

When I look at that photo, I’m reminded of extremely windy days (we’re talking about flipping-camper-vans-over-wind), unexpected reunions, peaceful days, and also a state of uncertainty – over unanswered questions and the life that was waiting for me post-New Zealand.

While I work on defrosting my fingers to properly write down what’s been happening, why I’m back here, and why I’m a zombie at 4am every weekday – here are some other New Zealand related posts you may or may not enjoy.

x Khristy

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