When planning your trip, you’ll definitely come across someone recommending you to check out glowworm caves in New Zealand at some point, which we made sure to add in our itinerary.

We decided to go for the Spellbound cave tour, which worked out really nicely for us in the end – there were only five of us in total, including our guide, and we had plenty of time to explore and learn about our surroundings. I’m not a fan of huge, overwhelming crowds (where there are huge, overwhelming crowds, there are determined people wielding selfie sticks who are capable of inflicting lots of damage – I sound like an old lady, I’m aware) so this was a nice, unhurried way to spend the day.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect – except I squeezed my eyes shut when we were told to, and was not disappointed when I opened them and realised (in complete and utter awe) how magical our surroundings were.

It’s basically about as close to a Disney movie magic-esque scene as I’m ever going to get, second only to our time at Hobbiton which was all sorts of geeky nerd magical on its own.. and from that post you’ll know how much I adore geeky nerd magical.


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