It’s exciting to be able to travel – there are so many sights to see and new things to discover. There are times, though, when you just need to be away from the regular routine of life, and go off the radar and regroup for a bit. For this reason, I consider Baltimore *the entire Baltimore?! :)* to be my place of comfort and escape.

The first time would take place during the college years – one particularly stressful week, and it was great to be able to leave for the weekend with one of my closest college friends, and be welcomed into her home by her family. The second time would take place a few years later, with the same friend – again, right at a time when an escape was very much needed. I won’t go into details about the second time just yet, but I came across a few photos from my first visit, and they brought back some great memories!

We were right in the middle of fall then (or autumn to the rest of the world) so it was a great time of cooking, drinking coffee and just having a nice break, while NOT freezing to death just yet (as you can probably tell, I was not a fan of the winter months).

Baltimore 1

Baltimore 2
Because nothing says “comfort” like homemade pizza.

Baltimore 3

Baltimore 4
The life of a typical college student.


So thankful for friendships that last beyond college years, and the opportunity to feel a sense of home, far away from my actual home.



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