New Zealand Working Holiday for Malaysians Khristy Choo

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Khristy (or people sometimes call me Christine, Crystal, Kirsty, or the best was when I was referred to as “Krispy” in a business email.. wonderful times) and I started this site as a way for me to document travel experiences and what I’ve learned from them, favourite memories, stories from everyday life.. and the occasional pointless ramble.

I may not always have been the most adventurous person (think introverted, awkward old lady, a fact verifiable by several people), but I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad, travel occasionally and live and work in New Zealand for a few months. Somewhere between getting lost and nearly being kidnapped in Chicago* and falling out of a plane in Wanaka, NZ, I learned to appreciate the art (yes, art) of travelling and exploring new places. I’m gradually learning from my experiences and the mistakes I’ve made, and in the process, slowly figuring out this “how-to-adult” thing.. all while thinking of the next adventure.

About this Blog

My blog title l’avventura della vita is a combination of two words – “adventure” and “life,” which pretty much summaries this space in a nutshell (and it’s not because all the other similar blog names were taken… not REALLY anyway) 🙂

You’ll find a collection of letters to friends who inspire me, acquaintances who have taught me life lessons, strangers I’ve noticed in cafés, towns and cities I’ve loved and hated and the occasional note to myself in the “A Letter To…” section.

There’s been a lot of discussion on social media, and the portrayal of a picture perfect life and how that may or may not differ from the actual reality of life. Since traveling to New Zealand and documenting my trip on Instagram, I’ve received messages from acquaintances I haven’t spoken to in ages telling me how wonderful my life is – and in the “Behind the Photo” section, I ramble on about the good and not-so-good memories associated with that particular image.

This is probably where I should insert a deep and meaningful quote that gets you pondering the meaning of life… but I seem to be short on those today, sorry. On that slightly awkward note, happy reading!


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*I would like to think the gentleman was simply being kind and was merely enthusiastically persistent about hand-delivering me to my intended destination. But who knows?